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Traffic in Chillaton

Traffic Update - April 2015

At last, the flashing speed warning signs have been installed and are having an impact of traffic speeds.

We are still working with the Highway Authority on a package of further proposals to improve road safety in the village.  That is being done against the background of significant cuts in the highway budget and growing pressures on staff.

However, we have just heard that our ideas for removing the centre white lines within the village and erecting 'gates' at the entry points to Chillaton are supported in principle by the Traffic Management Team.  They had previously been endorsed by the Road Safety Officer.

This is an important step forward, but there is some way still to go.  The aim now is to work out a detailed scheme, so that when planned maintenance is carried out, changes can be made to the white lines for example.  We can then also look for sponsorship and grant aid to help finance items that cannot be dealt with in existing maintenance budgets.

Howard Asbridge

April 2015


Traffic Update - April 2014

After some delay, we are now making progress together with Devon Highways’ Road Safety team towards an agreed set of proposals that take forward the ideas developed at the public meeting last autumn.   In general terms, we are looking at creating a clear boundary between the edges of the village and the three roads that approach it.  Within the village area, central white lines may be removed and other measures taken to slow down traffic and increase pedestrian safety, very much in line with some of our original ideas.  The possibility of reducing the number of long-distance HGVs will also be looked at.

The aim is to create a package of proposals that can be implemented as quickly as possible.  Some may be able to come about as a result of other highway maintenance work, others may require additional funding and take a considerable time to bring into effect.  As soon as more detailed studies have been completed, the proposed scheme will be published and there will be an opportunity for further consultation.

 Howard Asbridge

Chillaton Parish Councillor

Traffic in Chillaton

An open meeting was held at Marystowe School Room on 25th October, at which local traffic concerns were discussed and suggestions were put forward as to how they might be dealt with.

Chillaton Parish Councillors had called the meeting so that residents could express their views about traffic in the village and discuss what improvements might be possible.  Generally, it was felt that there was too much traffic, it was travelling too fast and that lorries were a particular problem.

The full notes of that meeting can be seen here

Everyone at the meeting approved of the following principles:

  • Speed humps were not an option, as they caused noise, pollution and could damage vehicles and adjacent buildings
  • Local businesses should not be adversely affected
  • Local properties should not be adversely impacted (noise, pollution)

There was a general discussion over concerns held about the traffic in Chillaton and how it affected pedestrians, particularly schoolchildren.  The meeting then explored various ideas and came up with a number of possible approaches to various problems and these are listed in the notes.

Eight people volunteered to find out more about the Community Speed Watch Scheme.  If you also want do so, please let us know using the contact page.

A working group was set up to join with Chillaton parish councillors to explore further the ideas put forward at the meeting, but nothing will be decided without further consultation.

The outcome of the meeting in October was reported to the Parish Council.  They decided to ask Chillaton parish councillors Howard Asbridge and Ray Brewer to meet with Devon County Road Safety Officers, to have an initial look at the traffic speed data.

That meeting took place on the 7th December and the notes can be accessed here

One of the issues discussed was the possibility of having an interactive traffic sign in Chillaton, for which funding has already been earmarked by the Parish Council.  They look like this:


Since the December meeting, the Road Safety Officer has provided some helpful information on the prices of the signs, alternative means of power, etc.

The Traffic Working Group will now look at this in more detail, as well as progressing the other ideas identified at the open meeting.  As soon as there is further progress to report, all residents will have the opportunity to express their views before any specific action is taken.

A further public meeting was held in the Chichester Arms at 7pm on Thursday 12th September.  An initial report on that meeting is in Newsletter No.18, accessed by clicking on the Newsletter button to the left of this page.

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