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Heating Oil Bulk Buying

 A heating oil syndicate for Chillaton.

With the price of oil ever climbing, it is becoming increasingly important that we try to buy our oil for the lowest price possible.

Some of you may be aware that we already have a number of options for getting the best price for our oil in the community, these include;

Boilerjuice - ( The aim is to try to reduce costs by buying in bulk with people you don’t know – Boilerjuice tell you when someone else in your area is buying oil and hopefully if you can buy at the same time, you get a discount. It does work, but you can’t be sure how many other people have bought at the same time, so you don’t know the final price until after you have ordered and paid (you get a refund if the final price is lower than you paid)

Monthly Payment Schemes – Keltic Fuel ( (other suppliers may be available) have a scheme which allows you to pay monthly in instalments over the year, they pay interest on any credit and you pay for the fuel at the rate that is prevailing at the time of your order.

Haggling! - Chillaton residents who have the time and the patience have reported good discounts by calling multiple suppliers and trading them off against each other to get the best price.

Group Buying
However, for those of you that don’t fancy any of the above, Richard Searight has for some time been running an oil syndicate for the area and now that we have a mailing list and a new website, we are proposing to publicise the syndicate a little more. The more people that buy, the more savings we all make.

The syndicate normally buys 4 times a year, in July/August, November, February and April /May.
When we are approaching a buying point, we will send out a reminder email and change this page for one with an order form on it. If you want oil, fill in your details and how much you want and Richard will order for everyone. The supplier will contact you to arrange payment and delivery. You can join in, or order on your own, as you prefer. There will be no obligation to use the service.

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